Case Study : Fiona Demark

Case Study: Blind Inspiration - Fiona Demark's Experience with CARE WITH US

Client Name: Fiona Demark

About Fiona Demark:

Fiona Demark is a motivational speaker known for her inspirational talks on overcoming adversity and living life to the fullest despite challenges. More about Fiona can be found on her LinkedIn profile.


Fiona Demark, in her role as an advocate and motivational speaker, tested and reviewed two of CARE WITH US’s respite locations: Daylesford/Trentham and Phillip Island. Her goal was to evaluate the facilities and provide comprehensive feedback based on her experience as a visually impaired individual.


  • Assess the accessibility and quality of the Daylesford/Trentham and Phillip Island locations.
  • Provide in-depth feedback to help CARE WITH US improve their services.
  • Share her experiences to inspire others and promote the benefits of respite care.


  • Daylesford/Trentham Location Review:
      • Fiona visited the Daylesford/Trentham location and shared her detailed experience in a video review. Her feedback included assessments of the facility’s accessibility, staff support, and overall environment.


      • Link to Review: Daylesford/Trentham Review
  • Phillip Island Location Review:
    • Fiona also tested the Phillip Island location, providing a thorough evaluation of the services offered, the suitability of the environment for individuals with disabilities, and the effectiveness of the support provided.

Link to Review: Phillip Island Review


  • Fiona highlighted several positive aspects of both locations, including the welcoming atmosphere, the attentiveness of the staff, and the accessibility features that made her stay comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Fiona provided valuable suggestions for improvement, particularly in areas related to enhancing accessibility and making certain aspects of the facilities more user-friendly for visually impaired individuals.
  • Fiona’s reviews have helped raise awareness about the importance of accessible respite care and inspired others in the disability community to consider using CARE WITH US services.

Client Review

Fiona’s comprehensive and candid reviews have been instrumental in helping CARE WITH US refine our services. Her feedback underscores the importance of continually striving for excellence in providing accessible and supportive environments for all clients.


CARE WITH US is committed to offering high-quality, accessible respite care tailored to the needs of all individuals, including those with disabilities. Fiona Demark’s insightful reviews have provided valuable direction for future improvements, ensuring that we continue to meet the highest standards of care. Her journey with CARE WITH US not only highlights our strengths but also serves as an inspiration to others seeking similar support.

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