1) Followed, Stalked and being chased

2) Kids are followed and being chased

3) Kidnapping the kids

4) Threatening the pet

5) Threatening to make their life so miserable that they would commit suicide

6) Revoke restraining orders leading to violence again

7) Breach of restraining orders

They told me to keep quiet. Otherwise, they are at risk of losing custody.

9) Money being stolen from banks (because they have access)

10) Show up in front of new places (wherever, whenever)

11) Being beaten, pushed, forced, thrown to come home or let them stay there

12) Their co-workers receive disturbing emails

13) Their personal information is being shared publicly

14) Making scenes on the job

15) Sneak into the house & threatening the family

16) Showing with guns at the home, office or public places

17) Gunshots

18) Burning the house

19) Burning the family

20) Poisoning

21) In shared custody, children still face domestic violence: not being allowed to meet the family, turning off the electric appliance, and pushing them.

22) Abusing through children

23) Convincing children that the other partner is unstable

24) Tracking down the online platform

25) Pee at the yards of the partner

26) PTSD, depression, relationship anxiety, Panic Attacks, sleepless nights,

27) Threatening to Kill themselves & will leave a suicide note under the partners\’ name

28) Fell pregnant after the escape- threats of abortion, threats of shots

29) Afraid of life

30) Some lives with broken bones, chronic pain, and lost body part

31) Loans under the partner\’s name (while the partner is not aware of it)

32) Abusing through the court system

33) Escapers might turn to gambling, alcohol, and drugs to cope with the stress.

34) Escaper might avoid & ignores the family members, food, hygiene, clothes

35) Escapers went back to DV because they thought it was their poison & remedy

36) Self-harm, suicidal, aggressive

37) Lack of non-violent social problem-solving skills

38) The desire for power & control in the relationship. Difficulty in understanding that it is DV & not love

39) Justifying violence & then practicing it on family & friends

40) Constant threats to hurt or kill close family & friends to tell escapers details

41) Constant showups at friends\’ & family\’s houses. Job etc

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