Most of our life is consumed by travelling in vehicles. Drive safe, be safe. Because like us, their family is waiting for them to come home and have end day meal, storytime, and university exam. Let’s share & spread awareness. SAY YES TO SAFE DRIVING AND NO TO ACCIDENTS

1) Poor Night Vision

2) On Drugs

3) On Alcohol

4) Speeding 

5) Fatigue

6) Red light jump

7) Aggressive overtaking

8) Fighting in the vehicle

9) Skidding off into the ditch

10) Eggs were thrown at cars

11) Theft

12) Gunshots

13) Accidents with the truck, cars, bike

14) Stunts

15) Hit the Animal

16) Technical Issue with the vehicle

17) Rain & natural disaster

18) Road Rage

19) Crashing into a tree

20) Talking over the phone

21) Texting over the phone

22) Using social media apps over the phone

23) Watching movies on car devices while driving

24) Watching movies on the phone while driving

25) Eating while driving

26) Screaming, yelling over the phone

27) Chased by gang

28) Racing

29) Teens driving the car

30) Driving vehicles on auto-pilot mode

31) Driving vehicles with leaving the wheel control in auto

32) Unsafe lane change

33) Changing the lane to avoid the end hit

34) Avoiding the collision

35) Blocked view

36) Failure to maintain the lane (opposite lane)

37) Give way

38) Illegal turns

39) Heart attack in the car while driving

40) Due to pets in the car

41) Due to uninvited snakes or spiders, or other insects in the car

42) Due to distractions with kids in the car

43) Getting late & driving unsafe

44) Not allowing other cars to merge in front

45) Misjudging the situation

46) Aggressively splitting between cars

47) Damaged rear axel

48) Entering to no entry

49) Taking off from the emergency lane

50) Stopping the car in the middle of the road without any prior

51) Slowing or nearly stopping on a 100 zones or highway

52) Due to unsafe bike drivers

53) Due to unsafe zebra crossing

54) High beam

55) Unsafe roundabout crossing

56) Sudden brakes on slow speed zone

57) Unsafe reversing

58) Problems with tire

59) Due to manufacturing defect

60) Inadequate repair of punctures

61) Engine and transmission problems

62) Headlight or tailing issues

63) Damaged or broken car axle

64) Tire was disconnected from the axle

65) Blindly following the front cars

66) Turning wheels at the intersection

67) Accelerates while parking

68) Accidents due to maps- the wrong turn missed a house on maps, the missed road on the map.

69) Watching maps and not reading the road signs of road closure or other

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