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About Bright

Bright is renowned as a place for community connections & nature walks, offering a welcoming atmosphere for all. The community here deeply values their faith, festivals and natural healing with many people visiting the area to celebrate summer & Christmas . The area’s rich history is evident in its well-celebrated and has a strong commitment to sustainability underpins the local ethos.

Why Visit Bright?

Summer Inspiration:

Immerse yourself in vibrant summer festivals, connect with local people, and find inspiration in a place where Christmas charms you.

Historical Enrichment:

Explore the area's captivating past through its historic buildings and landmarks, gaining a deeper understanding of Australia's heritage.

Community Connection:

Explore the area's captivating past through its festivals and celebrations, gaining a deeper understanding of Australia's culture.

Well-Being Respite:

Engage with a warm and inclusive community that values the historic lifestyle, festivals and sustainability.

Culinary Delights:

Discover a peaceful environment where you can relax rejuvenate your mind and body.

Enhance Your NDIS STA/Respite:

Partake in meaningful activities during your NDIS Short-Term Accommodation, including respite services in Victoria.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation

 At CARE WITH US AUSTRALIA, we cherish our fur babies and recognize the significance of having your best companion by your side during your time away from home. Our Short-Term Accommodation/Respite facilities are designed to warmly welcome your furry friend as part of your stay.

When inquiring about your STA/respite booking at CARE WITH US, simply let us know that your pet will be joining you during your stay, and our team will ensure to recommend pet-friendly accommodations for your utmost comfort.

At CARE WITH US AUSTRALIA, these activities will help you with:

  1.  Building your skills and becoming more self-sufficient.
  2. Engaging in social and recreational activities.
  3. Cultivating friendships and staying connected with family.
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