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A Heartfelt Encounter during COVID

During the pandemic, when one of our clients contracted COVID-19 and couldn’t safely isolate in her shared accommodation, “CARE WITH US” stepped in with warmth and urgency. Recognizing the delicate nature of her condition, our dedicated team, together with her healthcare professionals, swiftly created a customized plan to address her specific needs.


Mohit, our devoted support worker, ensured she was settled comfortably in a cozy short-term accommodation (STA) that suited her requirements. Throughout her recovery, she wasn’t just a client to us; she was part of our family. Mohit made sure she had everything, from nutritious meals to a listening ear, while regularly checking in on her health. He provided genuine care and companionship, fully geared up to protect them both.


This experience illustrates our core values at “CARE WITH US” – treating every client with respect, dignity, and personalized care, especially when it’s needed the most.

We Navigate Challenges Together

At “CARE WITH US,” we understand the challenges many face under NDIS, such as high transportation costs and finding a caring support worker. We tackle these issues by:


  • Curating an activity calendar with options to nourish body and mind.
  • Offering complimentary transportation and dining choices to ease financial strain.
  • Empowering our clients to make decisions about their care with 24-hour support.
  • Providing mobile respite care that respects client living preferences while ensuring a two-hour response time for new clients.

Resilience and Adaptability

Our ability to transform lives shone through when we received a late-night call from a client in distress after their care plans unexpectedly fell through before a holiday. With only hours to spare, our team quickly gathered details, arranged a comforting STA solution, and reassured the client that they were not alone. This swift, empathetic action turned a potentially stressful holiday into a peaceful one, illustrating our commitment to be there when it matters most.

Standing by Our Clients

When one of our clients felt overwhelmed and acted out in distress, our team calmly coordinated with the necessary authorities to ensure her safety. We stood by her side until her regular support resumed, demonstrating our commitment to providing continuous, compassionate care even in the toughest moments.

Carer Coffee Club

Our Carer Coffee Club is a sanctuary where stories and support flow freely, leaving every member feeling uplifted. We’re excited to bring even more joy through new initiatives like giveaways and networking events, designed to enrich our community bonds.

At “CARE WITH US,” every story of support is crafted with empathy and dedication, ensuring that everyone feels valued, understood, and profoundly supported every day.

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