(Domestic violence will take at places where no one can see, escape, or hear, either public or private. Sometimes domestic violence is loud & nobody will hear & see)

1) Home

2) Locker Room

3) Poker Table

4) Dining Table

5) On a wedding day

6) After (a few months or days) the wedding

7) Motel Room

8) Relatives house

9) At an office meeting

10)In Public Transport

11) In the car

12) In the bedroom

13) At the family’s house

14) At a friend\’s house

15) Courtroom (emotional abuse)

16) At honeymoon

17) At the husband\’s house

18) At a shop

19) Over the phone

20) Over the social media

21) In a club

22) At a party/event (birthday, memorial, public conference)

23) In Bathroom (public, private)

24) In Kitchen

25) In front of kids

26) In front of the public (on streets)

27) During day time, mid-day, at night

29) In the corner, where no one can see

30) In the Garage 

31) Lower ground floor (no direct access to front gate)

32) In pregnancy

33) Because of disability

34) Because of trauma and finding love

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