Every single act of self-harm has a meaning.

1) Stressful environment

2) Bullying

3) Changes in parenting practices

4) Violence in the family

5) A strict, negative relationship between parents and their children

6) Mental Health Issues: general psychological distress, anxiety, 

7) Abuse: physical, psychological, financial

8) Control or contain emotion

9) To punish the self

10) Cure a feeling of emptiness

11) Seeing blood in their bodies makes them feel real and that they are humans as well

12) Self-harm as a coping strategy

13) To draw the blood and escape the emotional burden of depression

14) To feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction

15) Escaping the stress

16) Helps to calm down i.e., replacing intense emotional pain with a more intense sensation

17) For some, only way to avoid suicide

18) Control the affects/Coping mechanism of Low self-confidence, parental problems, family history of psychological problems, destructive behavior (cutting, hitting, starving)

19) After telling someone they have a mental illness

20) Getting treated with hatred, unfairly, unpleasant & disregarded

21) Way to stay alive and not die

22) The threats of self-harm or actual self-harm to achieve a certain goal

23) Going through a difficult relationship in life such as break up, miscommunication with loved ones or divorce, separation & death

24) Lost someone closed

25) Way to express a feeling

26) Poor lifestyle

27) Feeling of can’t talk to anyone due to religious background

28) Someone is threatening them or forcing them to do the things they do not agree or want to do it

29) Someone is doing something against their wish

30) Had a bad day and is not ready to talk. If anyone tries to help tends to engage in risk-taking activities.

31) Self-harming because they have seen someone doing it and thought this is the only choice they had

32) Feeling obsessed with weapons.

33) The guilt of hurting someone they love

34) Self-Harm stopped for a while. Then something unexpected happens, and they start hearing the voices telling them to hurt themselves or others.

35) Traumatic Event

36) Unexpectedly getting the responsibility of the immediate family members because the main provider has either parted ways or serving a sentence, died or disappeared

37) Feel like they should hurt themselves

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