Your STA Journey

In the dance of care, a plan unfolds,
Tailored to you, as stories are told.
With STA, three steps to embark,
A journey designed, a meaningful spark.

Step One: Choose your dates with grace,
Activities bloom, a joyous embrace.
From our calendar, location-bound,
Fulfilling NDIS goals, dreams unbound.

Step Two: Share your soul, a canvas wide,
Brushed with details, where your dreams reside.
Tell us about you, what makes you smile,
In this symphony, you’re the melody, worthwhile.

Step Three: Sign the pact, a bond so true,
With the service agreement, dreams anew.
Now set to soar, your path is clear,
In STA’s embrace, without a fear.

With care and ease, we pave the way,
A connection blossoms, brighter each day.
In every step, your needs entwine,
With STA, a journey truly divine.

A Poem by Megha from the Care With Us Intake Team

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