She Forgot Me

Mummy, It\’s breakfast time!
Did you sleep well?

She replied in a shivering, shaky voice-

Who are you?
Where is my daughter?
Can you call her?
Will she be hungry?
Is she at work?
Did she come?
When is she coming home?
Why am I here?
Who are you?

Easy now, Muma,

I am your daughter
I have prepared you a meal
Let me feed

No, I can not stay here.
I do not take anything from STRANGERS.


But your daughter told me to give you medication
Then we will go to her

Really? Yes.

Feeding & Thinking-

Oh lord! Oh lord!

Why is this happening to my mum?
Am I really forgotten by her?
Does she remember the lullaby she sang?
Does she remember all the talking we did?
Does she remember my graduation?
Does she remember her grandkids?
Does she remember the tough times we have been through?
Does she remember my marriage?
Does she remember dad?
Will she be able to remember me?
Will she be able to remember herself?

Dementia took over

All started with names.
Then it took over the place
It took away all the loved ones
Then she forgot her brothers
Soon, it was us
Later it was her
We all become strangers
Just in a few months

The pain didn\’t stop for her.

She won\’t eat
Could be something bad in it

She won\’t sleep
Waiting for her daughter

She won\’t Bath
She didn\’t feel safe.

She won\’t talk
Because we were STRANGERS

Every morning she would complain about-

Waking up to a strange place
With a strange name
And strange people around

And all she ever wanted to do was
To go home to her daughter.

Dear mum, You were always home with your daughter.

-Anjali Sahni -copyright@CARE WITH US

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